Ancient Art of Healing - Offer holistic treatments with acupuncture and herbal remedies.
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I would like to take a moment to welcome you to my acupuncture service . It is my commitment to offer my patients the most accurate health assessment and the very best care for your medical needs.
I was raised in a family that practices acupuncture and alternative medicine, so eastern medicine is ingrained in my quest to help those in need. I have come to appreciate the incredible health benefits that alternative medicine brings to patients as a whole being, not just one specific ailment. I also incorporate the sense of deep compassion, developed from years of spiritual practicing into my treatment approaches in herbal medicines and acupuncture to better serve my patients. 
Acupuncture is an effective treatment that can be used regularly to alleviate many ailments that we face in today's intense society, including stress reduction, routine body “tune-ups”, immune system support, energy boosting, and overall system balancing. This ancient art of comprehensive healing has come a long way into mainstream healthcare and I truly believe that my colleagues and I can help patients achieve a better state of health for those seeking a more holistic approach to treat their problems. 
My services include herbal medicine prescriptions and acupuncture treatments. Various styles include pulse measurements, tongue diagnosis, Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, ear acupuncture, and scalp acupuncture. My areas of expertise are:
TMJ & Carpal Tunnel & Frozen Shoulder & Sciatica
Tennis Elbow & Trigger Finger & Sport Injuries
Migraine & Hay Fever & Cold & Bronchitis & Asthma
Heart Burn/Reflux & Indigestion & Constipation &IBS
PMS & Menopause/Menstrual Issues & Period Pain  Infertility & Anxiety & Stress Reduction
Sleeping Disorders & Fatigue
Skin Irritation & Fibromyalgia
Post-Stroke & Bell's Palsy
I believe wellness is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, and energetic health. Compassion and helping others is essential to my practice and I always work with my clients to create a partnership built on trust. Healthy living is a journey rather than a destination, so it is my hope to better your life and be part of your incredible journey!
Andrew's Resume: 
Education: Master of Science in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture, Dongguk University Los Angeles, CA 
Honor: Recognition from The International Association of Healthcare Professionals as 
The Worldwide Leader in Healthcare 
TOP Acupuncturist and Natural Herb Practitioner in California, USA
Certificate: Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.): Acupuncture Board, State of California (AC # 14780) 
English & Chinese (Mandarin, Taiwanese)
Professional Associations: 
California TCM University Alumni Association
Alliance of Healthcare Professionals
International Association of Health Care Professionals

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