Ancient Art of Healing - Offer holistic treatments with acupuncture and herbal remedies.
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Suggestions before Treatment:
1. Wear comfortable clothes.
2. Don't overexert yourself before treatment.
3. You should avoid treatment when you are very hungry, full from a heavy meal, or upset. Treatment can be adjusted according to a patient's condition and symptoms.
4. Speak up during treatment. Let the acupuncturist know if you are nervous, uncomfortable, dizzy, nauseated, or suffering any other ill effects. Your acupuncturist can adjust the needles or even withdraw them, if needed
5. Don't eat an extremely heavy meal or drink alcohol right before or after your treatment.
6. Try to arrange your schedule so you can get some rest afterward, especially early on in the process. If you can't, at least avoid scheduling activities that require you to be in top physical and mental condition.
7. Make sure the acupuncturist knows all your current medications as directed by other health care professionals of yours.
8. Don't take illegal drugs. Drugs, as well as alcohol abuse, may seriously interfere with the effectiveness your treatment.
The average session may last from 15 minutes to an hour; your first one may take a bit longer. The number of treatments depends, of course, on your condition and how well you respond. For some chronic or complex problems, you may need one to two sessions a week for several months. Some conditions require maintenance therapy, just as they do in Western medicine.
Suggestions after Treatment:
1. Nature organic food is encouraged.
2. Drink LESS coffee, alcohol, or Soft Drinks. Drink more green tea, water, or home made organic fruit juice.
3. Natural sea salt or rock salt are both encouraged instead of table salt.
4. Take LESS dairy products, such as Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, Yogurt…etc. Organic soy milk and rice milk are both encouraged.
5. Take LESS man made food products made with refined sugar, such as Chocolate, Cookie, Candy, and Soda…etc. Use natural raw cane sugar or honey if you have a sweet teeth.
6. Less salt diet for those who have kidney diseases and edema. Avoiding start fruit if you have kidney diseases.
7. Avoiding cold drinks, cold food, and cold fruits.
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