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Food Poisoning:

This is a 48 yrs old male @ his first acupuncture treatment for stomach ache and upset stomach caused by food poisoning (bad sushi). The overall symptoms improved 60 %(+) right after the needle insertion & 80% improved within only 15 mins treatment period. 

Kidney stone:

This is a 47 yrs old female @ her first & second acupuncture + herbal treatments for kidney stone. The water retention(edema) of both legs decreased 90 %(+) and the radiating pain caused by acute inflammation in right kidney also decreased 60% within only 1 wk treatment period. With this intensive TCM  detox program, she can now have regular bowl movements 3-4 times/day and lost the unwanted waist figure. : )


This is a 31 yrs old female @ her first acupuncture treatment. The radiating numbness and shooting pain on the leg was 50% improved after 15 mins treatment.


I've suffered with headaches and chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. I've been treated with western medicine and even a chiropractor for years. A lot of my precious time and resources badly spent. I didn't feel any long term improvement. I felt drained both emotionally & physically. I did some research and found that acupuncture could possibly help me. I had tried it about 15 years ago but at the time I recall very little other than it was an much older doctor, and there was a slight language barrier but, I recall the treatment was helpful and that was about it. I figured I'd give it a try again. 
A friend recommended I see Acupuncturist Doctor Andrew Hsu. From the first day I talked to him over the phone to discuss my symptoms and schedule an appointment, I sensed I would be in good hands. I live in Pomona and drive to Pasadena just to meet with him.
I am so grateful to have been introduced to Andrew and for the genuine concern he has demonstrated in caring for my physical and emotional well-being. There was a time I felt so vulnerable and broken, but I've finally felt hope. He is gentle and caring. He's encouraged me to care for my health and to meet him "half way ' in my treatment to recover. It takes discipline to understand that working with an acupuncture specialist like him requires team work.  He spends quite a bit of time at every visit to ask how I am doing and to revisit my previous symptoms and the improvements. Andrew is by far one of the best listeners I've ever met. I really mean that!  I've come to realize and accept that I have to be honest with myself and cooperate in following the recommendations and rules he asks me to follow . For example the foods I should eat and what to avoid. Take note of the weather, our surrounding and most important listen to and respect our bodies.  His holistic approach and honest advice is very helpful. 
His patience in dealing with my busy schedule and even stressful moments are  rare to find. Aside from caring for my back pain he has helped me with my anxiety & stress I battle with, due to unforeseen issues. Every time I leave his office I feel a sense of calm that I could not reach even on a relaxing day with friends. I look forward to my sessions. I'm not terrified of needles but I'm not in love with them either, but with Dr. Andrew its not an issue . He has the most gentle hand. They are so fine, you hardly notice. He cares to know how I'm feeling and if everything feels fine. If there is a day when I appear more sensitive in certain areas than others he will skip the area if I show discomfort. Once the needles are inserted, he allows me quiet time as the acupuncture treatment takes effect. He makes sure that I'm okay and warm. I relax and often sleep. I've never felt rushed out of his office. At times I've had a scalp message when dealing with a headache or have experienced a migraine,  the oils he uses for the message are divine & heavenly.  My back pain has diminished greatly.   Its been several months now, since late 2013, the acupuncture & acupressure treatments have helped a lot on rough days.
 I do have I prepare for my visits by showering ahead of time and wearing light clothing so I can relax and take a nice nap once I get home.  Andrew Hsu is an amazing kind man &  very knowledgeable professional.  I'm so grateful!!
~~Love Live Laugh  ( and Relax )
Maribel L., Logistic, Pomona

"I had a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder and had significant pain and stiffness for 2-3 years. I tried physical therapy and chiropractors... I was seriously considering surgery right before my husband referred me to Dr. Andrew Hsu. Dr. Hsu did great work for me -- he "fixed" my shoulder to the extent that I have just some minor pain and discomfort now!  He also treated my neck and upper back tension and that helped me feel much better during the day and sleep better at night.  It does take a while  ( a few months) so it's not like taking a pain killer (which Dr. Hsu is strongly against)  but if you take the time to go through the process and work with him, the payoff can be great!  Highly recommend this doctor!"
Scarlet H., Office Manager, LA 

"Andrew's work is incredible and I am so grateful to be under his care. I had adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) and suffered with constant pain and stiff in my right shoulder. I was unable to perform my daily tasks and had difficulty sleeping. When I went to my first appointment I was really nervous and did not know what to expect. Andrew patiently listened to my concerns and carefully guided me through the session. He set goals for us to work together and I finished his recommended treatments with wonderful result. I have regained 100% of my shoulder motion and am now pain free. I feel lucky to have found Andrew and can confidently recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health!"
Shelly W., Retirement, West LA 
"I turned to Acupuncture after a year of bad health due to stress. I met Andrew when I was extremely ill with the flu. I had never been so sick in my life. After just one treatment I felt so much better. I then saw him on a weekly basis and my health greatly improved. After about 8 treatments I got pregnant, something I wasn’t sure was possible! I now have a nine month old healthy daughter. I recommend Andrew to everyone. Andrew is amazing."
Dawn S., Esthetician, Hollywood 
"I work in the health field and have several work related injuries.  Dr. Hsu has being treating my injuries to my wrists and right thumb for a number of years. He uses both traditional acupuncture and acupressure techniques. He is always very caring and listens to my complains.  I truly enjoy his gentle hands and technique during the treatments. He also patiently talks to me about how to better take care my wrists and hands to prevent pain recurring. Dr. Hsu’s office is such an oasis of relaxation and healing for me, I would highly recommend Dr. Hsu to anyone."
Emily S., Dental Hygienist, Sunnyvale
"I have always been interested in Chinese herbal medicine and have seen numerous herbalists throughout my life. Andrew is by far the best and goes above and beyond to provide the best service . Andrew is great with acupuncture and prescribing Chinese herbs. After having acupuncture treatment from Andrew, I felt all my energy restored back to my body. He is very professional, and makes the entire treatment very comfortable. After taking the Chinese herbal medicine prescribe by Andrew, within a week, I am already feeling better. My internal chest congestion is better and the rash on my hands are healing. I highly recommended Andrew to anyone who is seeking a more holistic type of remedy. Andrew is gentle and patient with all his patients and I have completely trust him as my Oriental Medicine Doctor."
Raei H., Gallery Staff, Beverly Hills
"I’ve been seeing Dr. Hsu for the past year or so. I look forward to receive more excellent care form him in the future. He is the most amazing acupuncturist I have ever known.  I found him to be very knowledgeable and caring.  I tend to ask a lot of questions about the procedure and how it will work.  Dr. Hsu has always answered my questions patiently. If you are looking for this kind of treatments, I would recommend Dr. Hsu."  
Joe L., Librarian, Cupertino
"The level of acupuncture experience with Andrew is fantastic. Having been a customer for 2 years. Thank you!”
Tiffany Z., Fitness Instructor, LA  
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a healer you can trust. Andrew's holistic treatment was recommended to me by a friend, and I am very happy with the efficient healing results I received. It was outstanding!"
Eva Y., Coordinator, San Gabriel 
"I am very grateful for knowing Dr. HSU who is always patient and considerate with his patients!"
Emily H., Immunologist, Taipei 
"When using my "head-first" base sliding skill to get on the 2nd base in a soft ball game, my left hand hit the base with my full body weight behind it and that was the early ninth inning for me. After the incident, my left wrist can not grab nor lift any thing and there was no sign of any improvement for weeks. Andrew applied acupuncture on the my left wrist and amazingly the pain was relieved immediately right after the initial applications. He then used his "shallow and deep" acupuncture techniques at various spots around the wrist area and I can feel each application can hit the right spot. After visiting Andrew for 1-2 weeks and followed his caring instruction to maintain the effect of the treatment, my wrist is now all normal again. That was my first acupuncture experience and a very great one perfectly done by Andrew.
Thank you!"

M. Chi, Engineer, Monterey Park
I was referred to Doctor Hsu through a friend.  At the first visit, Doctor Hsu listened attentively as I described my issues and concerns.  He asked me questions to further understand my overall health condition and history.  He also tried to understand goals I had in mind. Then he explained the root reasons causing each symptom I had and how he prioritized which issue to be treated first. Doctor Hsu discussed with me his plan of treatment in detail, which included acupuncture and herbal medicine. I personally dislike needles, but Doctor Hsu made acupuncture a surprisingly comfortable and relaxed experience for me. He told me in advance what to expect before each insertion. Along the treatment, he explained briefly the effect of each acupuncture point. He observed my reactions and checked how I felt from time to time. My condition improved steadily under his care. Doctor Hsu also taught me some daily exercise I can do in between visits to maximize the benefit of treatments as well as maintain overall health.As to my digestive system issue with severe heartburn for years that I could not find a cure, doctor Hsu treated me with special personalized herbal formula.  He carefully evaluated my condition and modified formula at each phase. My heartburn was 95% gone with half of the recovering time he projected. In addition, there were many other improvements, such as better sleep quality, regular bowel movement, no more freezing hands and cold feet, etc.With Doctor Andrew Hsu, I received not only thorough professional medical treatment but also comprehensive care for well-balanced health.

I am very grateful to meet Doctor Hsu, and I would certainly strongly recommend him to anyone who seeks for a great doctor.   
C. Lu, Accountant & Supervisor, San Jose

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